Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology


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Anatomy & Physiology qualification is generally required when undertaking any holistic or beauty course. Courses generally cover treatment specific anatomy & physiology, however this course covers all of the human anatomy & physiology, this course is a Level 3 qualification, which is generally required before starting any beauty or holistic course.

This course in Anatomy & Physiology has been written with the aim of allowing you to develop your understanding of Human Anatomy and Physiology. The course that we offer goes way beyond many basic courses and gives you a good grounding and understanding of this fascination subject. It is written simplistically because we want you to understand the subject matter, and hope you will enjoy it.

It has become vey important to incorporate an Anatomy and Physiology course when training as a therapist. This is very good practice and certainly raises standards. If you think about it, it makes sense that if you are treating, or dealing with a person on a physical level then it is your duty to know about the body. As you develop you therapies you will start to work instinctively, that means you will become aware that certain areas of the client’s body are creating external symptoms, by having a good knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology you will be able to help your client more successfully.

The HUMAN BODY is composed of several structures and organs grouped in Systems, each of which is responsible for the performance of specific functions. The study of the structure of these organs and tissues is ANATOMY, the study of their functions is PHYSIOLOGY and the study of the chemical processes carried out in these tissues is BIOCHEMISTRY.