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LED Light Therapy Facial

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LED light therapy is a relatively new treatment which is growing in demand. LED light therapy is a non invasive treatment that uses light to renew, repair and heal the skin.  As this is a non-invasive treatment there is no recovery time for the client afterwards.  This treatment is suitable for almost any skin type and age.

LED light therapy treatment is gentle but very effective and can slow down the signs of ageing, clear acne, reduces pigmentation, redness and inflammation, can help your clients who suffer with rosacea or psoriasis by using different wavelengths of light to help speed up the healing process.  

The aim of this course is to teach you online light therapy treatment. This course also covers the benefits, consultations, contra-indications, contra-actions, and aftercare.  The objective of this course is that by the end of it you are able to perform a professional treatment in a safe and hygienic manner in a commercially acceptable time, along with gaining experience of carrying out a consultation with the knowledge of the background, benefits, contra-indications, contra-actions and aftercare.